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July 13th, 2011

Taya, Siberian Husky, 2 years old, was taken in a seizure from an animal hoarder who has subsequently charged with animal cruelty, neglect, etc. She is a two year old three legged little angel. She is missing her left forefoot and her right forefoot is clubbed. The Vet assumes she was born without her left forefoot. In order to compensate for her missing forefoot she has developed a luxating patella on her left hind leg. She is having a lot of trouble walking and as a result the Vet suggested we pursue surgery on her left hind leg sooner rather than later. Watch the way she moves in her wheelchair! 

July 13th, 2011

Spencer is an 11 year old, Old English Sheepdog. Here is a great story about his fourth of July weekend!

“You should be pleased to know that the chair floats.  4th of July weekend we had some company over the house.  Here we are greeting the company, I took my eye off him for a second and the next thing I see is Spencer in the pool…….in the chair!!  Well it was at that point we learned…… it floats!!!!!  There he goes swimming along, I jumped in the pool after him….what a sight.   This is truly an ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE!!!!!  I don’t know what we would have done without it, it saved him.”

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July 4th, 2011

Meyer has been in a Ruff Rollin’ Wheelchair since January. His new owner just purchased him a new anodized wheelchair. We can anodize wheelchairs for dogs under about 80 lbs, depending on the size. Larger than 80 lbs, we can get powder coated. The flag is a great idea for the tiny dogs as well!

July 4th, 2011

This is Bean, a 3 year old Shar-Pei, one year after his initial injury. He will have been in his Ruff Rollin’ Wheelchair for one year right around the beginning of August. Bean took his time getting used to his wheelchair, and was a little frustrating for his owners, but he is super happy now, and spends lots of time at the beach with his sister, Indy. Follow Bean’s story here. His owner Chris, tells his story. Bean’s story

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July 23rd, 2014

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July 16th, 2014

When asked “WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?”   I say “I GET TO ADD THE SPARKLE BACK!”   “If I could have taken a picture of the sparkle in my dog (GSDX) Mindy’s eyes when she realized that those wheels where giving her the freedom to move, run and play ball again, it would have said it all! She had become depressed because of her Degenerative Myelopathy and was not able to chase squirrels or play ball anymore and Ruff Rollin’ changed all that for her. She was sick for 1.5years with DM and she used her wheels [... more]

July 10th, 2014

All of our Rear Support Wheelchairs are convertible into a Full Support Design. The typical case where this might happen is with a progressive disease such as degenerative myelopathy.   Degenerative myelopathy of dogs is a slowly progressive, non-inflammatory, and painless, degeneration of the myelin sheath that surrounds the spinal cord. It is most commonly seen in German Shepherds and Welsh Corgis, although is occasionally recognized in other breeds such as Boxers The cause is unknown, although genetic factors are suspected.   The early onset usually occurs later than age 5 and usually begins with a slight knuckling over of the rear feet. You [... more]

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