What does CUSTOM mean?

When Bernadette, at A Place To Bark, called me about Cricket, she let me know she had a rare case. I do love a challenge, and it’s really hard for me to say no.

One very cool aspect of being a CUSTOM dog wheelchair company is that we get to help dogs like Cricket. Cricket was found in a hoarding situation where the rear half of her body was placed in a coffee can. Her rear legs were fused behind her in a criss-cross shape, with only little movement forward and backward in her hips.

Although we do build a slight cant in the strut of the wheelchair, we knew it wouldn’t be enough to allow room for her knees. So Jason was able to give her nice leg room near the top of the frame with a nice cant, and give the wheels a straight stance, rather than a wider canted stance. This brought the total width of the chair in at an acceptable amount. 

Although we cannot help every case, we sure do give it 110%. In Cricket’s case, she did amazingly well!

Building each part per order allows us to get creative about every build. This is why you might see different designs throughout the website while you are searching. Jason designs each wheelchair per age, condition, and activity level of each dog. Each saddle/sling is also built per order. In Cricket’s case, we debated if she should have a solid foundation to rest her hips, without leg holes. But how would her rear stay on this foundation? We decided to go with the traditional leg holes. This would allow her legs to rest in a natural position, and all we had to do was put a strap over the back to keep her butt in the saddle. :) Another awesome feature is the flexible, soft rear support sling. Bernadette is able to stretch it around Cricket’s little fixed frame, where as a solid system would not have benefited her. 

Thank you Bernadette, for putting your trust in us. I think it was well worth it!

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March 26th, 2014

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January 21st, 2014

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January 17th, 2014

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