Evaluate Your Dog

This is an important first step towards helping your dog gain back some independence. We ask that you make an honest assessment of your dog’s overall health, and front leg strength.

  • First, overall health should be good. Is your dog eating?  Drinking? If there is any question concerning your dogs health, please check with your veterinarian.
  • Second, determine the front leg strength of your dog. Your dog should be strong in the front legs in order to get maximum use using a Rear Support design. He or she needs to be able to walk comfortably in the front while being supported in the rear.  A simple test for assessing front leg strength is the “towel test”. Use an old beach or bath towel to support your dog’s hind end. The towel can be placed directly in front of the rear leg(s) around the abdomen, or you can cut holes in the center of the towel for the rear leg(s). Walk along side your dog while supporting him or her, keeping the back level. How did he or she do?  Is front leg strength questionable? Signs of weakness to watch for are short choppy steps, stumbling or laying down on the front legs, and splaying the front legs out to maintain balance. If your dog shows any of these signs of weakness, we will want to discuss the option of a Full Support Design.
  • We will talk about the results of this “test” at the time of your order to determine which design will best fit your dog’s needs. Of course, if you have any questions before ordering, please feel free to call or email, and Sierra or myself will be able to help in any way we can.
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March 26th, 2014

Still deciding on a whether a Ruff Rollin’ Wheelchair is the best option for your dog? Please visit our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ruffwheels today to view updated photos, our current projects, our new products, and the best testimonials you will see anywhere! We promise, you will not be disappointed!!

January 21st, 2014

A man and woman created a great family. They had a couple of great kids and a wonderful dog. The dog was very dedicated and provided years of companionship, fun and joy to the family. Over the years the dog became ill. The parents learned from the vet that the dog was not going to get better. They were torn and did not know if they could introduce the burden of this into their kids lives. As time passed the parents realized it was time. They decided that they would keep the burden off their kids and tell them after [... more]

January 17th, 2014

I want to preface this blog by stating, I am in no way putting down my competitor’s product. I genuinely believe that every dog wheelchair company in this industry only has the best intentions for their product, and that is to help our family members, our dogs, get the help that they need. Today I received a phone inquiry from a gentleman asking about a small Dachshund wheelchair. I told him the cost would be $325, plus $20 shipping. He quickly stated that the price was too high. I wish he would have asked me a few more questions. I [... more]

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